Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Hello everyone - many thanks to you all for contributing so enthusiastically to the haiku seminars last month.

Here are a couple I wrote during the course of the month:

early breakfast
the sweet flesh
of a freestone peach

longest day
the sound of salsa
from the beach

I think the first one needs some editing - it's not quite tight enough, not quite saying what I want it to. It could be that 'sweet flesh' is too sensuous and takes me away from the ideas behind 'early' and 'free'. Any ideas, please post them!

As last year, AppleHouse will take a break during July and August, and will probably take on a different incarnation from September.

I enjoyed the haiku seminars so much and it reminded me how teaching poetry and sharing my insights into the writing process has informed my life for so long. And I've missed that over the last year or so, since moving to Antibes and becoming an amateur builder!

What I'm planning to do is to set up an online poetry course which people will be able to subscribe to. If you think you might be interested then please let me know by emailing me at

It seems that my offer of a creative 'life writing' course here in Antibes is also coming to fruition, so once again, I'll be regularly involved with other writers. I'm looking forward to it.

I hope you keep writing haiku through the summer - although the best thing is not to think about 'writing' haiku. Just take notes of the things around you, brief thoughts, memories. Then, when you have a few relaxed moments, look over them and see how they might fit together.

I'll be in touch.