Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer Break

As usual AppleHouse takes a break in July and August as our family and friends fly into the South of France for their holidays with us. We have a busy few months with people we love and I hope that's how you'll spend your summer too.

Here's a list of 10 things I will do, or attempt to do, this summer. You can add your list too if you like.
  1. Write a poem for my nephew's wedding celebrations.
  2. Take the cat on her first trip back to the UK.
  3. Make soda bread.
  4. Write something small every day in July (See my 'open field' blog.)
  5. Go swimming in the sea.
  6. Try to spend less time on Facebook.
  7. Think positively about my possible contract for a new book but cross all available bits of my body too!
  8. Be relaxed about sharing the control of my kitchen when I have guests. (Tough one!)
  9. Drive our new tractor around the apple farm in Kent.
  10. Remember to drink more water than wine. (Another tough one!)
See you in September.
Write well.
L x