Saturday, February 16, 2008

Notebook Idea - 777 - Day 5

And the 5th seven-minute-writing prompt is:

February 16th: all day rain


Lynne Rees said...

all day rain
me and the baby
making faces

Mary Rose said...

Feb. 16th.
All Day Rain.

They stare at the parched earth,
useless prayers unanswered,
mothers, eyes glazed with loss of hope,
their children’s eyelids covered with flies,
only oceans away.

Here I watch long needles of rain stitching the earth
to the same sky,
stealing the light
till suddenly the sun breaks through,
long enough for the miracle of a rainbow.
It fades, turning the day too soon into dusk,
piercing the stillness with ceaseless
An eerie yellow light supplants the grey,
loading the air with mystery.

Caroline M Davies said...

All day rain
blurs the trees
with a steady drip
it fills the soil up
until the clay oozes yellow.

All day rain
keeps me close indoors
tending the stove
with offers of sticks
to keep the bright heart alive.

Sharra said...
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Sharra said...

Wet Playtime

Rain treacles down the windows,
tempting fingers to dip into the condensation
and noses to smear the glass

as they watch
the puddles in the playground
plead to be paddled in.

Circles of children bicker
about dice throws and
where the snake’s head begins

while others march in to settle
the dispute with their
sticklebrick-constructed guns.

Runaway pieces of Lego
and jigsaws escape
across the floor,

in league with felt-tip pens
pencil shavings
and marbles.

Wellies line up
two-by-two by the door
waiting for home time

beside soggy shoes huddled
in a heap, abandoned
for plimsolls.

The steaming radiators
wear the soaked school uniform
of the coatless few of the class,

who have changed
into PE kits, as grubby
as the bodies inside them.