Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Notebook Idea - 777

How do you feel about writing for 7 minutes every day for 7 days? Everyone can manage 7 minutes. No excuses. So set your alarm clock, cooker timer, or mobile phone, start writing and stop when it goes off. If you feel brave, you might even decide to post a draft poem, or even the notes for a poem, that you write every day. Under your own name, a pen-name, or even anonymously.

Prompt 1:
February 12th - nooks and crannies


fleur said...

small places
where dust collects
an ear-ring rolls
or a ticket for a train falls

dark corners of rooms, cracks
in skirting boards
the backs of drawers
and attics

or a crawl space
at the back of the shed where you once heard
you mother say a word
you'd never heard before

Mary Rose said...

Feb.12th Nooks and Crannies.

They’re everywhere here,
secret places for ‘hide and seek’
hidden beneath foliage,
in overgrown areas

behind the monkey-puzzle tree by the stream
overshadowed by tall poplars.
The gap between two sheds where
only the smallest can crawl, crouch
waiting to be found.

A shady bower created
by bent branches of forsythia,
a favourite picnic spot
visited every year.

Indoors, you climb the ladder
and underneath the eaves, the perfect
storage cranny full of items surplus
to requirement yet ordered by their
owners to be kept.

Caroline M Davies said...

Lynne - what a fabulous idea. I discovered this on Wednesday with about ten minutes to go before having to do the school run. Normally I wouldn't have considered writing anything in so small amount of time. Instead I've been scribbling in my notebook for the last couple of days. A very productive way of using seven minutes.

Lynne Rees said...

Hi Caroline - good to see you here and read your work and I'm pleased you enjoyed the week of short prompts.

Hope you have time to call in and post again.