Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's almost the end of the month... thanks very much for the poems you've posted in the previous weeks. I'm about to start printing them all out so I can read them on the page.

As I've already posted 4 prompts this month and the 31st is upon us tomorrow, I won't add another prompt this weekend, but in case you have some time to write this afternoon or tomorrow, try this notebook exercise:

Free write (that is, write without editing and pre-judging what you should or shouldn't say) about the conditions of your life over the years and how you think they may have affected the form and content of your writing. Think about times when you have been more or less productive. What have been, and what still are, your ‘interruptions’? Often our ‘intrusions’ are what gives our writing its substance.

Write for at least 15 or 20 minutes. Don't worry if you find yourself going off at a tangent - follow the energy you discover in your writing. If you feel really stuck then write the following phrase - what I really want to say is... - and carry on writing from there.

There's also still time to post other poems to any of the March prompts. I'll make sure I pick up any late arrivals.

I might be a day late in announcing the Prize Poem. I'm completing on a house in Antibes, South of France, on Monday and the procedure's a little more formal here than in the UK. It's all very exciting though. Apart from the house, which is quite beautiful (expect a lot of poem prompts about houses!) there are palm trees and orange trees in the garden. I can't quite believe it's all happening!

See you in April.


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