Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just checking in... say I'm reading the November poems and will be posting the Prize Poem soon.

Does anyone else feel surprised that it's December already?! Where did the year go? Or is that just me sounding old? No need to answer that question :-)

To keep you going until the next prompt, try some free writing starting with the following phrases:

This time last year...

This time next year...

And, of course, please post any poems that emerge.
I'll see you soon.
Lynne x


charlotte segaller said...
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charlotte segaller said...
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Anonymous said...

The Gift

This time last year
and for thirteen years
before, I was Emily Dickinson
dying each year

I thought how dark
you looked, so gypsy
to my want
my need

I wondered how you
missed me, in bed
my cold feet, on your
sleeve my heartbeat

And if on your window
the roses froze
would you hold their last
breaths in your warm palm

But if you think
you heard my voice
my final words were, thank
you for Ten Thousand Leaves-

Our Japanese journey,
with grace I am walking
ever walking
towards you.

© Dec2008

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, Anonymous of Nairn!
Japan and Scotland meet America - well done.
Anonymous of Callander

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sally E for above comment great to see you here!

This time next year...

No photographs will tell
of bright mornings
and simple flowers streaming
to newborn skies

No words carved
in stone or on barks of trees
that will live quietly
beyond one summer

But today with no warning
I could smell you, in
my hair, on my skin,
with every misshapen breath.

© Dec 2008