Monday, May 31, 2010

BIG Thanks

Thanks so much to everyone who posted their 'three things' over the last week. I've been inspired by reading your words, by the inherent power that resides in the precise observation of everyday things, events, memories. I know I'll be reading them all again.

I have to take a break from AppleHouse for a couple of weeks. My poor Mam, in Wales, has had a fall and a hip replacement and isn't doing too well in hosiptal and I'm flying back on 1st June to see her and hopefully be there for when she goes home where I can look after her for a little while. I'm not sure how long I'll be away but hope to be back posting and chatting to you all by the middle of June.

Keep writing well.
L x


Mary Rose said...

I do hope your Mother makes a good recovery. I'm sure your visit will help a great deal towards it.

frankthepoet said...

So sorry to hear that Lynn. May peace and strength go with you. Fxx

Helen said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope she gets well soon and you are both doing ok,
Helen xx

Glenn Buttkus said...

Those mothers are hard to
replace, so treasure the one
you still have. Yes, it will
be a poetic torture of sorts
not to have your weekly challenge
to deal with, but you gave us
a terrific kiss off with this
last one! I loved all the entries;
even my own. I agree with all
the other wonderful Applehousers;
may white light follow you to
Wales and bathe your Mum in
its healing ways. In some odd
way, as your cyber family, we
will go with you, and assist
you in dispersing love and good
cheer. May it all go well.
Looking forward to reconvening
in late Juneish.

Keith Wallis said...

So sorry to hear about your Mum. Mary Rose is right - having you around is bound to help.