Sunday, October 10, 2010

A quickie - 10/10/10 becomes a poem

By way of haiku writers Nora Wood, Dennis Chibi, and Curtis Dunlap: Today is 10/10/10. Can you write a quick three line poem of 10 syllables each? Here's mine:

All day this odd malaise accompanied
by the first true autumn day - grey sky, wind.
A day for spiced tea, letters to old friends

L x


gautami tripathy said...


a nail, essential in the centre of that wall
for your photo to be displayed for all
If I had a hammer, I would hit hard

And I have more here

Fran said...

A day for decimals, not for the old -
for those who loved the pounds, the shillings, pence -
Whose tongues were used to twelves and not to tens.

Keith Wallis said...


golden corn waves farewell to stubbled fields
sun's gliding arc lowers its burning head
autumn becons with beguiling colour

Martin Cordrey said...

A walk in October sun via Ulcombe church

to Grafty Green, back for Windmill roast -

Briefly the world is in equilibrium.

Glenn Buttkus said...

I found an old yellowed scrap of
paper this morning in a forgotten
folder, and it begged me to write

an epic sentence of prose--of
twenty five lines, and then it wanted
me to line break it into poetry.

y said...

an improvisational rendezvous
amidst October’s deliberation
a trinket of glittering afternoon

Lynne Rees said...

Thanks, everyone, for playing. It was just an interim prompt that I thought you might enjoy.

Syllable counting was a little trickier for some than others - you need to think about each separate sound package, so:

a walk in oct o ber sun vi a Ul combe church = 12 syllables

However, unless we're working with strict syllabic forms (like a cinquain) then stress and rhythm tend to be the way we measure our lines.

October's first 'proper' prompt follows soon.
L x

Anonymous said...

Half drowned bicycles,wheels pushed uselessly.
Silk saris clinging to shapely bodies.
Crops float.Starvation is this year's menu.

Glenn Buttkus said...

I stepped off my deck this morning and
walked barefoot dew-deep in
the honey shag of my lawn's carpet twice.

Lu said...

Spider Bite

A crawl on my nape, a quick pinch, sharp sting -
natural instinct attack before it’s smooshed.
If only you’d stayed where you should, I sigh.

Lynne Rees said...

@ catherine, Glen and Lu:
Thanks for adding some more 10's.

I guess the next time we can play this game will be 11th November next year and that's a date that we will have to work hard to capture/commemorate.

Lu said...

Thank you, Lynne. I like your new picture, very cute. ~~