Friday, December 24, 2010

Wonder and joy

Ffion Richards
in her prize-winning costume:
The Enormous Crocodile

Thank you everyone, poets and writers, readers and passers-by who have inspired me to keep blogging along.

To close the year I have a poem by my great-niece that is full, appropriately, of wonder and joy:

wen the snow is drop in,
it is lite,
the snow it is litlee
drop in drop in
it is like the sky is cumin undun,
frowin snowballs,
making a snowman today.

Ffion Richards, age 5

I wish you all a lovely holiday and a happy and healthy 2011 full of wonder and joy.



Helen said...

Merry Xmas to you and yours Lynne ! loving the posts this year ! helen x

Glenn Buttkus said...

A terrific poem from a poet
in waiting, and we can all say
Happy Christmas clear across
the globe, for the internet
shrinks these distances between
us to mere keystrokes, tiny
moments before we touch
our friends, fellows, and
family. See you soon.
2011 has a nice ring to
it already.

Keith Wallis said...

Have a great 2011 Lynne.

Fiona Robyn said...

Wonderful poem! Happy New Year x

Mavis said...

This is delightful and all the more so for the spelling of dropping and coming undone - there's too much altering of small children's work
- I spent all my working life teaching them and never ceased to be amazed at their perception and choice of words.

Lynne Rees said...

Hello Mavis - oh yes, I agree about not changing children's writing. There are too many years ahead of them when they'll have to be aware of spelling and grammar...

Thanks for popping in to AppleHouse : )