Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I resolve not to...

New year, new page, new leaf, new look... we can't help but associate the beginning of the year with starting new projects, or resolving to change things, or give up things.

I'd like us to think about the things we resolve NOT to do:

I resolve not to make fun of my sister's dog
I resolve not to open the 2nd bottle of wine

But let's not be limited by reality or practicality:

I resolve not to invade Iraq
I resolve never to die without informing you of place, date and time

Have fun with free-listing over the next week. Then look back and see how parts of those lists could be shaped into a poem.

Write well.


Stephen Fryer said...

I resolve not to. The rest my darling is up to you.

Keith Wallis said...

I resolve not to
waste words with ink
but speak them softly in your ear,
steal the sun's quiet setting
or the wavelets dying flutter
for my inspiration.
I reslove not to
rely on resolves.

Glenn Buttkus said...

I Resolve

not to shoot the neighbor’s dog,
though it needs a bullet badly;
not to run any more yellow lights,
as those damned cameras nail you every time;
not to rail so vehemently against winter,
for it garners no results--it’s like
throwing a sock full of cat shit at the moon;
not to buy a good digital camera
and learn how to use it properly
until Summer, even though
images beckon and icons lurk
behind headstones and junk yard fences;
not to purchase flowers weekly for my wife,
because even beauty can become boring
and love’s flames only need so much fanning;
not to wait another full year before
contacting my brother, for we are both
old men now and need to hug more often;
not to pine for that pistol,
the .357 Ruger revolver
that haunts my dreams;
not to give up seeking Sasquatch
for he waits patiently
for our encounter to come.

Glenn Buttkus

January 2011

Lynne Rees said...

Hi there - 3 very different responses to the prompt.

Stephen: you're taking economy to the extreme : ) Do you think you could be channelling Dorothy Parker?! : )

Keith: a paced, gentle approach and 'yes' to the speaking in the 3rd line.

Glen: love the variety here, in tone and content. It alternately moved me, made me think, and smile.

See you soon.

Glenn Buttkus said...

Thanks for the feedback.
Hope you are "home" now,
and the weather is not an
impairment. Odd, but it seems
to me that over the Fall, and
now the dead of Winter, the
number of participants for
the writing challenges has
dwindled some; perhaps a
result of your hiatus, or just
the poets moving on in their
quest for readership and

Lynne Rees said...

Hi Glen - Yes, I'm home. Thank you.

Yes, less comments, but followers of the blog have increased. I guess people respond when they have the time.

I thought there had been a longer 'gap' between posts too but when I checked there wasn't really too much difference than other months. It just felt like that with the holidays I guess!

Next post I'll share with Facebook to encourage a few more responses.
Speak soon.

Martin Cordrey said...

I resolve
to make sexist remarks
in case the world
is eavesdropping